The  Story

A cryptic dream, a forbidden summoning, and the day that will change their lives forever…

Cecero is a 16-year-old wizard in training who lives in a country hidden from the world, called Grandome; A sanctuary for those touched by the supernatural and the heart and soul of the mystic realm. He lives in a dorm with his best friend, Sheko (who is possessed by a demon and...addicted to porn ), swooned over countless female admirers, and is the son and apprentice of the greatest sorceress in history! His is a life of security, privilege, and wizardry-induced mayhem.

However, the wheels of change begin to turn when a woman appears to Cecero in a dream and delivers a strange message; “Today’s the day she’ll give you your gift…You’ll finally prove to her that you’re ready.” When he wakes from this dream, he'll know today will be different. What he doesn't realize is that after this horrifying day, his life and the lives of his loved ones will be forever changed, and an unthinkable chain of events will soon take place; Events that will challenge their abilities, warp their realities, and threaten everything they hold sacred.
but don't be fooled...nothing is what it appears to be...Welcome to Grandome...