Cecero Alumrion

Cecero is a soft spoken, petite, and VERY short young Mystic (he's only 4' 8" tall!), but don't be fooled by his appearance! In battle, he is virtually unbeatable. How, you ask? Because Cecero is the son of the great Lady Alumrion--future ruler of the mystic realm-- and it's obvious he's inherited his mothers great abilities. Cecero has been awarded the status of Class-A mystic, which has earned both the respect and hatred of his classmates. This little neat-freak has become somewhat of a "house wife" to his childhood friend and room mate, Sheko (whom he cooks for, cleans for, and watches over 24/7! LOL). But when he's not repremanding Sheko (or popping one of his room mates blow-up dolls), their unbreakable bond is obvious to everyone.