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Quotes For those who enjoy contemporaries such as Black Butler and Negima, the quirky, androgynous characters of Lizbeth R. Jimenez's series have set a whole different standard of offbeat manga. A well-crafted story, audacious humor, and an overload of magic (mejic, if you will) usage make Sacred an American-indie gem. While others worship the professors at Hogwartz, manga fans will find themselves bowing down to the Healers of Grandome. Quotes
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Quotes ...Sacred, the homegrown baby of Lizbeth Jimenez, has enough artistic polish and an ambitious story to stand up against the big-name titles. The world presented in Volumes 1 and 2 synthesizes different styles of sorcery, resulting in a multi-flavored universe all its own. Elemental attacks, demon-summoning, and even animal transformations all work in Grandome. But a complex system of magic is nothing without some conflict to set off the fireworks, and that's where Cecero's story comes in. The demon attack on him in Volume 1, and the violent possession of his best friend in Volume 2, take readers on an emotional rollercoaster from panic to exhilaration to awe to relief. The relationships between Cecero and his friends, plus a "big picture" prophecy revealed in the later chapters, also add enough layers to make the story feel satisfying. A high level of artistry makes this fantasy a treat for the eyes as well... Quotes
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Quotes I never believe that I will find Sacred. The most amazing story I have ever read. Animenext, my first anime convention was so much fun but I'm greatly happy to found Sacred. I bought all three volumes and cannot wait for volume 4. I love Sheko, one of the main characters. I can't wait what's next in the future of Grandome. Thank you for Sacred, Lizbeth Quotes
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Quotes I bought these books at a convention, drawn in by the beautiful artwork and plot and I personally found it to be amazing. I really liked the painterly art style and the overall general creativity seen in the manga. It's difficult to find something with so much originality nowadays...[it] proved through it's plot and artistry that it's an amazing manga. Quotes
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Quotes I picked up the first volume at Castle Point Anime Convention 2013. I was a little worried about spending the rest of my money buying this manga..but when I opened it up, the art work was so amazing! I started reading it, and I couldn't shut it! I even read it through class! haha ^__^ I'm so excited to read the next volume, and I will follow this series forever!! This manga is on my top 5 list of Best Manga :D Quotes
so amazing!!! *__*

Quotes Hi, I'm Alysha and I met you at Zenkaicon 2013. I bought both books from you and pre-ordered the 3rd. I just wanted to let you know that I fell in love with Sacred and I keep reading them over and over again, I cannot stop. The characters are amazing, my favorite is Sheko, the drawing is absolutely amazing. Quotes
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Quotes Hello, I met you at Zenkaicon on the last day. Let me start by saying HOLY $@#&!!!!! My friend, you have talent! I bought your books and I was not disappointed! I want to know more! You got me hooked and I'm following your series to the very end. I also want to congratulate you on your success as an artist/actress. You honed your talents and followed your dreams. I'm a little envious, but your success is a beacon for myself and others. Your an inspiration. You worked hard and you should be proud of yourself. I hope I see you in AnimeNext or at another convention because I'm buying your prints and key chains! P.S Skyler is my favorite! >:3c Quotes
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HOLY $@#&!!!!! I'm Hooked!

Quotes Ok, so i was a bit skeptical when i bought the first two volumes at Zenkaikon. i decided to buy them to help out a local artist, but within the first few pages i knew the story would be mejical. (hee hee get the pun) anyway i wanted to say that anyone who doesnt fall in love with this story is in desperate need of help Quotes

Quotes I have been reading Lizbeth's comic since she published the first volume. It is an amazing manga. Jimenez is truly a brilliant example of an artist following their dreams and doing what they love the most. She is one of my biggest inspirations and heros. Lots of love! ^w^ Quotes
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Quotes I just can't put it down. Sacred is by far one of the best manga I've read that I just can't keep my eyes off. It gives me that nostalgic feeling of disappointment when I have to stop reading it and have to get back to work. Finding a book that just sucks you in can be hard and this one definitely does it. On top of that the art style is unique and very beautiful! I just can't hold in all the anticipation I've got just waiting for Vol. 3 to finally arrive in my hands!!! Give it a chance if your into magic and demons as well along with good character concepts; Sacred is the manga for you! Another small thing I might add about the art style is it is something she should be very proud of. I mean,most "American manga" never looks like the artist has taken their time create it or the story line is just thrown in there, with Sacred you get the best of both worlds. Not only is the art absolutely gorgeous but the story is out of this world! AmulovesSkylar Absolutely Gorgeous & Astonishing Quotes
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