About "Sacred"

  1. Q:What is Sacred about?

  2. Q:Can I read Sacred online?

    A: You can read the first 3 chapters here on the site! http://www.sacredthemanga.com/aboutsacred.htm

  3. Q:Is Cecero a boy or a girl?!

    A: He's all man! Well...LOL He's a very androgynous boy.

  4. Q:Is there BL or Yaoi (homosexual relationships) in your story?

    A: This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions about my story! (besides the question "when is the next volume coming out?" )

    I'll put it this way:


    .........yes. LMAO okay, okay, calm doooown!! LOL love is love in my eyes, so there is heterosexual love and homosexual love in my story. I'm not saying Sacred is a sexy man-on-man free for all...the way yaoi usually is. It's love. that's all <3


  5. Q:Where is Sacred available?! I NEED IT!

    A: it's available NOW through Barnes & Noble.com,  Forbidden Planet, NYC Jim Hanely's Universe, NYC.

    You can also buy it directly from me through my shop! http://sacredthemangashop.storenvy.com/

  6. Q:When and where is your book signing?

    A: You can learn where and when all of my author appearances are going to be & what conventions I'll be attending by clicking here http://www.sacredthemanga.com/apps/calendar/showAgenda?calID=5497026 I hope to see you guys at some conventions! :D

  7. Q:When is volume 4 coming out?! SO EXCITED!!

    A: I've been asked this LITERALLY everyday XD LOL and it's been so incredible for me to know that you guys really want to read it! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your loving support!! it means so much to me! Sacred volume 4 is scheduled to print April, 2014! Look out for updates!

  8. Q:How many volumes is "Sacred" going to be? I HOPE there's more!!

    A: yet ANOTHER question i've been asked daily <3 thank you again for being so interest!!  right now i can't honestly say how many volumes there will be. i've written the entire story out in novel form and am in the process of turining it into scripts. so far i've completed the scripts for volumes1-5. As it is right now, if I had to make a quess, I'd say there would be roughly around 18 volumes, but who knows! it could be a little longer XD

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About My Art Work & Materials

  1. Q: What do you use to color your work?

    A: I'm a trditional artist and do everything by hand. My material of choice are Copic Sketch Markers( http://copicmarker.com/products/markers/  ), gauche ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gouache" target="_blank">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gouache ), and colored inks.


  2. Q:What kind of paper do you use?

    A: I usually work on THICK computer paper ( acid free AND atleast 97% brightness) but i also enjoy using smooth bristol paper orany thick acid free professional grade paper.


  3. Q:How long does it take you to create your piece?

    A: OMG...wow. that really varies some pieces have taken me literally over a week to complete. otherstake me 9 hours. my usual piece take anywhere from 10-24 hours. not including breaks or the time i'm sleeping LOL

  4. Q:How do you come up with your ideas?

    A: WOW! another really hard question to answer LOL honestly,there's no real way to answer this. anything can inspire me (includinga towel left on the sink. this has happened before XD ) but much of thetime, i'm inspired by my characters and their stories. i love to writeand i love expressing bits of my story through my work. i love gettinglost in their world <3

  5. Q:Are your manga's done digitally or traditionally?

    A: I do everything by hand, and that includes my manga pages. I create them using quill pens, India ink, and adhessive tone (which is still widely used by professional Mangaka to this day!). See my tutorial here http://sisero.deviantart.com/art/How-To-Use-Screen-Tone-167295691

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About Commissions and Items

  1. Q: Do you do commissions?

    A: Yes I do! Please visit my commission shop to review prices, see examples of commissions and to place an order http://lizbethsartshop.storenvy.com/

  2. Q: Do you do requests?

    A: Sadly, I don't. I simply don't have the time because I am working on commissions.

  3. Q: Do you do art trades or colabs?

    A: Sadly, I don't. I simply don't have the time because I am working on commissions.

  4. Q: Do you sell your convention goods online?

    A: yes you do! You can find all of my convention goods here http://sacredthemangashop.storenvy.com/

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