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Quotes I can not begin to describe just how amazing this series is and how flawless I think it is, but I'll try my best to serve Sacred justice. From page one of the first volume I knew that Sacred wasn't going to be your usual manga. Beside the fact that it isn't your usual manga (being that it was written by an America. Which is shocking because it's 100X better than any American manga!) but the first page was so dark and ominous and let me know it was going to be something special. Everything from how you're introduced to their everyday lives and seeing how their lives are changing, their super strong bonds to each other and their world! OMG I'm eager to learn more about the culture of Grandome! Ms. Jimenez, please continue to create such awesome work! We need more authors like you who actually care about their characters and lets their love for their work show on every page and your appreciation for your fans shows with every comment you respond to! Thank you! Quotes
Absolutely BRILIANT!!

Quotes Although everyone else who has submitted a review before me has just about said what I'm about to say, I'm simply compelled to share with you! Lizbeth R. Jimenez seriously has created the BEST manga I have ever read, and I'm bursting at the seams with excitement for the next volume! <3 This story is addictive, imaginative, original and simply amazing! And the best part is I know it's only going to get better! :D Best of luck to you, Ms. Jimenez! Please continue what you're doing! Quotes
The BEST Manga I've Ever Read

Quotes This story is ABSOLUTELY amazing!! I have to say, this is absolutely the BEST manga I have EVER READ!! I?m always turned off by the unprofessional art work you see in "American manga" because they seem so...cheap & looks like they're trying too hard, but Lizbeth has a truly unique & beautiful style that makes every page a total joy to read!! The pace of the story telling is perfect! Starts off hilarious & then you're slowly becoming aware that there?s a darker side to the story <3 You really feel the characters friendship & you can see how much they care for each other; something that usually seems forced or weak/lacking in most comics I read. Each character is truly human.When they feel fear & sadness she makes you feel their pain. You just need to read it for yourself! Also, Lizbeth's take on demon-possession is completely unheard of & TRULY original. I KNOW this story is going to continue to surprise me!! <3 Quotes
AMAZING!! I need to see more!

Quotes Lizbeth Jimenez has the power to capture her readers into this wonderful world of creativity. Each page of this wonderful book captures the attention with her art work or creativity of putting out the story. Since I?m only 13 years old and follow [Lizbeth] as a role model I find this story very breathtaking & detailed either with the way of her drawings or her way of writing. I have never seen such a wonderful book of manga such as this one. It is a must have!! I didn?t only find myself staring at each page for hours & hours but I can see myself reading this book over & over again. This book is not only full of comedy & drama it is also touching & thrilling. Each & every single character of this manga is wonderfully portrayed & has its own personality. I find this book to be very unique. I love the way her creativity just flows through the pages! This story is worth reading & looking. This has been one of the best books I have ever read. This is a must have book!! Go buy one now!! :) Quotes
Amazingly breathtaking

Quotes I love this book!! =) It is one of the most interesting books i had ever read before!! I really am looking forward to the next volume. This book is not only breathtaking as people may say this book is touching and funny. This books has left me begging for more and more can't wait to read more of your books.I am very grateful for people like Lizbeth Jimenez who take the time to do wonderful books for us like this one. If you haven't yet bought or read this book do so you will be happy and grateful you did!! Quotes
Thrilliing and amazing

Quotes I'm simply speechless but I MUST share my thoughts with you!! Ms.Jimenez has just officially created one of the best series ever written, & has created my new favorite manga! All of the characters in "Sacred" are so unique & all have very abstract personalities (and they're SO funny!!) The bond between these characters is adorable and funny but it's also so strong and admirable. It?s so unique guys! Even though it takes place in a magical community, it doesn?t have that typical magic realm feel. You can tell in the 1st volume that it has a far more natural feel to it & she has a ton of special extras! You?ll be stunned and so enticed by Ms. Jimenez's creativity & the complexity of the story that's only beginning to reveal its self. Overall, "Sacred" is the BEST MANGA I HAVE EVER READ. PERIOD. It has breathtaking artwork, incredibly adorable & complex characters, and the story completely enthralls you. Well worth the read! Quotes
Breathtaking, Unique & Addictive!!

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