Comic Strips Comic Strips I'm Grabbin' Your WHAT?!! I've wanted to share comic strips I've been creating to share little bits of my characters lives :D So here's strip #1! Anyone who reads my publication,"Sacred," will recognize the darling little weirdos in this strip XD Skylar (the green-haired pervert) and Sheko, (his best friend and the victim of most of his jokes :giggle: ) Regardless, Skylar is very protective of Sheko and (in my opinion) messes with him because he cares so much about him <3 Anyone who is wondering about their world (why they're mixing potions and such) that's because they're young wizards in training who live in the country of Grandome :D And those sharp teeth? They are what the people of Grandome call "Demerians" (those possessed by demons) and it's a "condition" they have to struggle with everyday ; _ ; Last but not least, YES, Skylar is indeed using a cello bow as a wand! heh heh (he most certainly LOVES his cello <3 ) 187934756 NOO It's CLEEEAAN!! LMFAO!! As you can see...Sheko is...very attached to his stripped shirts *giggle* He makes me crack up! XD This is just one of the tamer examples of what happens in their dorm room > U < Cecero is trying to keep things clean, the other...liking it just as it is...with the potential to sprout fungus! XD I HOPE you'll enjoy this guys! 187935014